Since forming Air 8 Associates, our aim has been to provide independent renewables surveys that can be utilised by Energy Companies, Manufacturers, Installers and direct to building owners. We provide our clients with timely, professional, energy survey solutions that deliver on our core values of technical ability, energy efficiency and effective specification of quality energy saving solutions.

We provide a large range of technical survey services:

  • Desktop completion service, as an approved Admin, completion from your Heat Engineer Software
  • Desktop Heat Loss Calculations and product selections, delivered from drawings & Specifications
  • Commercial & Residential Property Heat Loss Surveys completed to CIBSE Guides and MCS Installer Standards
  • Remote Smart Building Surveys Using SmartHTC Software
  • Solar Surveys (combined with our Heat Pump Surveys)
  • Ground Source & Air Source Heat Pump Site Surveys & Calculations, Pre Installation Property Surveys
  • Administration of Heat Pump regional DNO Applications For MCS Compliance
  • Building Renovation Heat Loss Comparison Reports For Building Owners
  • Building Measurement Data Collection and Plan Drawings provided in AutoCAD format

Air 8 Associates has a number of Associates that carry out both on site installation surveys as well as desktop Heat Loss completion services. 

Either we do the site survey and calculations, or you complete your own site survey using Heat Engineer Software, then sit back and let us do the rest for you!

We are Ambassadors for ‘Heat Engineer Software’, and as such when you purchase their software solution you can add us to your approved Administrator list. 

We can also send our physical site surveys to your Heat Engineer desktop for you to finally complete them yourselves, or have us complete the entire Heating Solution and Emitter selections following your own site surveys, and we simply lodge the fully completed reports along with an Air 8 Associates “Theoretical Heat Loss Certificate” for each project.  





Our Renovation comparison survey allows building owners and Architects to use Air 8 Associates to physically measure the building prior to renovation, or use their drawings to model the building for a before and after renovation heat loss snapshot. 

The Renovation Comparison service shows the effects of different types of insulation measures added to the building fabric, not only enabling compliance with Building Regulation Part L requirements, but also offers the correct selection of renewable heating systems and sympathetic heat emitter selections for the building type. 

Air 8 Associates have developed strong relationships with other like minded individuals and companies who work alongside us to carry out technical surveys on our behalf. They have been trained to deliver the same high standards of survey completion and in the same high level format. 

We started off ‘In the beginning’ using spreadsheets and pieces of paper to conduct our technical site surveys. This meant hours of frustrating desktop completion once we had finished the site survey itself. 

A few years ago things moved on and significantly we found Heat Engineer Software, and since then the software has been something we have come to rely on a great deal. It’s been developed especially for on site use, without any specialist knowhow, and Heat Engineer sets itself apart from other heat loss software currenty on the market today. We are proud to be Ambassadors for Heat Engineer Software and work closely with the team and their developers to help improve their software. 

Technical Partnerships


Heat Loss Surveying Course


From September 2023 we aim to deliver a classroom based training course specifically designed for individuals and companies that want to train themselves and their staff on exactly how to carry out technical heat loss site surveys prior to heating system and solar installations. 

The course is primarily aimed at Energy Suppliers, Equipment Manufacturers, Renewable Installers, Domestic Energy Assessors, Retrofit Assessors, Retrofit Co-ordinators, Renewable sales staff and suitable individuals with a basic level  knowledge of building structures, heating systems and renewable technologies.   

During the course we will run through how to calculate U-Values, initial building identification, identifying and calculation of fabrics in older buildings, manual calculation of U-Values for varying building elements. Setting up various software solutions and forms to enable heat loss surveying to commence. 

We show learners how to set up and complete technical site surveys using proprietary digital floor planning software, efficient use of digital survey forms, emergency use of the MCS heat loss calculation spreadsheet, and utilising the highly acclaimed Heat Engineer Software for your physical site surveys.

As part of our course you will be provided with a copy of our extensive library of pre-populated building U-Values, these can be uploaded to your businesses Heat Engineer Software account following course completion. 

Manufacturers We Specify


What Our Clients Say?

Heat Pump Installation - B'Ham


We dealt with Air 8 Associates on a high end refurbishment project in Birmingham. The service levels were exceptional. We would certainly recommend Dave at Air 8 to other companies looking for a more technical solution to Heat Loss Surveys, 

We will of course utilise Air 8 Associates for a number of our future projects moving forward, especially those involving whole building heat loss surveys. 

These services leave us to get on with the sales and installation side of things, and this makes for much happier customers!

M & E Contractor - Leicester


Air 8 Associates have been very helpful and have provided some very competitive sales estimates for the plant room items at our building refurbishment project. We purchased grilles, diffusers and louvres along with over door air curtains. We will certainly be utilising Air 8 again as they are very easy to deal with and with a quick response to RFI’s. 

David works with a few HVAC manufacturers that deliver a good range of products that offer product support that is not only very helpful but gets to the point without all the jargon.

Heat Loss Surveys - Worcs


We spoke with David at Air 8 Associates about outsourcing some of our heat loss surveys back in mid-2019, Since then he has helped us with building heat loss surveys, heat pump selections and technical submissions for a number of our recent projects. Air 8 have specified a range of heating equipment that we prefer to install and that offers our clients both energy/ carbon savings and energy cost savings. 

We are pleased to specify Air 8 to our projects and will certainly continue to use their services in future.

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