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Smart Heat Loss Surveys

Remote Building Heat Loss Calculations

Air 8 Associates provides a remote “Smart Heat Loss Survey” consultancy service to our clients. 

Smart Heat Loss surveys using the unique SmartHTC thermal performance measurement solution, provides a total heat loss calculation for an entire building, enabling building owners to calculate, through collection of real world data, exactly how much heat is lost through the building fabric and this allows for a more reliable set of data results. 

Although theoretical heat loss calculations give the installer the basics to enable a heat source to be selected, along with room by room calculations for emitters, in reality this is more often than not a ‘Belt & Braces calculation’, and not one based on the true usage of the building and its occupants. 

1. You register and pay for your Smart Survey based on building size

2. Complete the online survey form and supply the necessary building data

3. We post you a set of Smart sensors for you to place around your property

4. After 21 days have elapsed simply post them back to us

5. We upload the sensor data and building data to our SmartHTC software, and then send you a completed report showing exactly what the heat loss is for your building. 


Collect Building Information

First Step is To Tell Us about Your Building





Basic building information such as geographical location, total floor area, attachment type, current heating system, window measurements, window type and orientation, are gathered via a brief property survey Form, or obtained from existing asset management systems or Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs).

The data collection form can be downloaded and sent to us electronically. 

Import Energy Consumption Data

We Need As Much Data As Possible To Ensure Accurate Results




The SmartHTC Software needs to know the exact energy consumption of the property to establish an energy balance. This means accounting for any gas and electric use as well as on-site generation from solar PV etc.

Energy data can be obtained from existing smart meters with half-hourly readings or downloaded directly from compatible energy suppliers.

Where a property doesn’t have smart meters installed, it is possible to use manual meter readings as a fallback method.

Return Smart Sensors & Get Results

Once The Data Is Uploaded To SmartHTC The Software Runs The Calculations





Once all the necessary building information, temperature readings from the Smart Sensors and energy consumption data has been returned to us, it can be uploaded to our API where a SmartHTC result will be calculated.

The calculations are presented by way of a digital report that gives a whole building heat loss result, allowing the owner or installer to make an informed selection of heating systems. 

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