Our Heat Loss ‘Connect’ service is aimed at heating installers, consultants, Architects and Energy consultancies that want to carry out on site surveys for themselves.


We have developed a digital form that can be downloaded as an APP and used on any device to allow manual input of building and room data for on site building surveys. The data could also be taken from building plans and submitted to us for processing.


The HL-Connect form once filled out and payment is made will be processed by one of our professional heat loss surveying team. We aim to process all submitted digital survey forms within 24hrs.


We input all of the data that is entered to the digital form and update this to our calculation software. You provide us with your manufacturer preferences, and we will provide a Heat Loss Report detailing the kW Heating requirement at the outside design temperature, Heat Source i.e. Heat Pump selection, heat emitter selections for UFH and radiators as well as an annual running cost against Gas/Oil/Electric/LPG/Biomass etc.


We also provide a Theoretical Heat Loss Results PDF page that briefly details the final outcomes along with the flow temperatures and heat source selections.



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